Mixed grill “Viennese style”

served on a slate platter. Pork sirloin steak, veal haunch steak, chicken breast, veal sausage and fried escalope of veal with fresh, homemade rosemary French fries and remoulade sauce. Bean vegetables prepared from yard-long beans, needle beans, soybeans, red onions and fresh thyme

Giant pork schnitzel 200g

from the loin, freshly pounded, baked golden brown, served with pea butter rice, cranberries and fried parsley

Spinach spätzle

Delicious homemade spaetzle with button mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, spring onions, cherry tomatoes and spinach leaves in a creamy herb sauce

Fried salmon trout fillet

Succulent salmon trout fillet in a herbed white bread crust, cooked to a golden brown, served with fresh, homemade Styrian potato salad prepared daily with beetle beans, lamb‘s lettuce and pumpkin seed oil, and remoulade sauce

Tender chicken breast “Altenburger style”

Grilled chicken breast topped with melted mozzarella cheese and button mushrooms, red onions and cherry tomatoes, on a paprika sauce. With bean vegetables prepared from yardlong beans, needle beans, soybeans, red onions and fresh thyme. Served with herb and butter dumplings

Boiled fillet of veal

Boiled fillet of veal with root vegetables, creamed beans and parsley potatoes, served with remoulade sauce

Pan-cooked salmon trout and dumplings

Delicious homemade spaetzle with pieces of salmon trout fillet, button mushrooms, courgettes, spinach leaves and spring onions in a creamy herb and horseradish sauce garnished with bean sprouts

Viennese veal schnitzel 160 g

freshly pounded, fried golden brown, served with parsley potatoes, cranberries and deep-fried parsley. We consider Schnitzel from lean topside to be the best.

Spaghetti with mushroom cream sauce

Homemade spaghetti with home-smoked salmon in cream sauce (crème fraiche)